Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meeting with imam(a.s)

Haaj Sayyed Abthai narrates an incident of a person who was cured of heart disease in Masjude Sahebuz Zaman, The incident is recorded in his book ‘Mulaqaate Imame Zamana (a.s.)’ (Meetings with Imame Zamana (a.s.)).

The incident as narrated by this person (name withheld as per the request of the narrator) is as follows.

“I stayed quite far from Masjide Sahebuz Zaman (a.s.) and had not visited this mosque for at least 3 years. I had been a heart patient and despite my best efforts for treatment, my condition remained the same and did not improve.

One day, I had come to this area for some work. As I was leaving, I heard the call for prayers and it occurred to me that I should pray my namaz at the prescribed time and then leave from here. Consequently, I came to the mosque to offer my prayers.

As I completed my prayers, I became aware of the presence of a person to my right. He conveyed his salaams to me and I replied. He asked me if there was any betterment of the condition of my heart, at which, it came to my mind that maybe this person is from my area and is therefore aware of my situation – maybe he knows me, but I had not seen him earlier and did not know him.

I replied in the negative and told him that my condition is the same and there is no respite from the pain. He then put his hand on my stomach and pressed it firmly. His touch was as if someone had put soothing water over a raging fire and was very reliving. At that very instant I was cured of the pain in my heart.

I asked the reason for his being present in this mosque. His reply was surprising – “This is not Masjide Sahebuz Zaman(a.s.)." I asked him, “ Why not?” He replied, “This palce is just related to me, that’s all.”

At that time, the importance of the words did not sink into my mind and I occasionally turned to look at him. But for a moment, I reflected on the pain in my heart and his words – “This place is just related to me, that’s all” – and the thought came to my mind that may be this person is my Master – Hazrat Baqiyatullah (a.s.). When I turned to look at him this time, I realized that he was not there any more.’

After this incident the author writes that this person became his close friend and as long as he knew him, he did not suffer from any problems of the heart.

This incident teaches us that Imame Zamana (a.s.) is aware of our difficulties and he helps us – whatever be the intensity of our problems. Imame Zamana (a.s.) cures his lovers from fatal diseases.

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